26 Cakes Perfect for Geeks

Here is the most awesome list of cakes and cupcakes (perfect for Geeks).

1. Geek Cupcakes!!! Too Cute!

These are by far my favorite cupcakes EVER! How cute are the pencil protectors, taped glasses and compasses? Yummo!  Made by Hey There, Cupcake! found on Flickr.

2.  R2D2 Cake Updated: R2M5 Cake


Mark Randazzo, who has a  bakery, Mark Joseph Cakes, got a lot of buzz for his cake-making skills on BoingBoing, Gizmodo, Elite Choice and more.  Now, you can get the instructions on how to make your very own R2D2 R2M5 cake at B-Side Blog from Mark. The legs are made from Rice Crispie treats too!

*UPDATE* – Thanks everyone for pointing out this is not R2D2! I made the update and need to polish up on my Start Wars trivia.

3. Pacman Cupcakes

So these are CUPCAKES and not a cake… but too cute to resist. This is perfect for any kid who grew up in the 80′s.  From Flickr user hello naomi – these PacMan cupcakes look too delicious to eat.

4. For the Dungeon & Dragons Geek (via Geekologie)

Dragon Cake

This delicious dragon was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes for some kind of Dungeon and Dragon party.  If you can’t afford to have one made, you can try to make your own dragon cake – but it probably won’t be quite as amazing.

5. For the Camera Geek


A Nikon Camera Cake (via fsumaria).  This cake is from a bakery in  Pennsylvania called Granny Schmidt’s. The outside was made of fondant and the inside is red velvet cake.

6. Super Mario Cake


This cake was actually made for a wedding! I wonder if the bride was dressed as Peach. Actually, after the bride and groom went around looking for a Mario and Peach wedding topper, the bride decided to surprise the groom on their wedding day with this masterpiece. Read the full story here.

7. Wii Cake for Gamer Geeks


Back in July, 2007 Wired Magazine’s “How To” feature included a Wii Cake that was inedible due to support structures.  However, Brian Walak actually created one that you can in fact eat – and ended up on Martha’s show.  Here’s instructions on how to make your own Wii cake and is another wii cake version by craftastica.  I wonder if Martha has ever even played a Wii?

8. iPhone Cake


I love my iPhone and think this cake might just be one of the easier ones because of the simple shape.  All you need is a steady hand for the icing. [Via The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs]

9. Laptop Cake


By Small Things Iced – Everything is edible except for the screen, it is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream covered (bottom layer) with blue fondant and then the top layer (laptop) is the same but covered with grey fondant then painted silver.

10.  Tux the Linux Penguin

This one is perfect for your open source geek. See how to make your own at Killer Cakes.

11. Kindle Cake

kindle cake

Kindle is a wireless reader and Geeksugar shows you how it was made.

12. Helio Ocean Cake


A Helio Ocean CAKE!!! This was made by a girl for her boyfriend. Details over at GeekSugar.

13. Apple, Apple Pie


Okay, so its not a cake but who can resist apple pie? APPLE, apple pie that is!  See how it was made here.

14. Mario Kart Wedding Cake


This Mario Kart wedding cake is simply stunning. All kinds of detailed photos can be found here. If you are not in the market for a wedding cake, I also found this cool Toad/ Mario Kart cake on flickr by Debbie Does Cakes.

15. Super Mario Cupcakes


Continuing on the Mario theme, next up are these Super Duper Super Mario CupcakesDebbie Does Cakes has a nice version of Super Mario Cupcakes as well.

16. Sushi Cake (not made of fish)


Found over at geekadelphia, made by  Zoe Lukas this is made out of spiced carrot ginger cake with cream cheese icing. All those cute little details, the chopsticks, soy sauce bowl, snap peas… they aren’t plastic. Those are edible, made out of gum-paste, and the bamboo, wasabi, ginger… made out of fondant. The rice is coconut.  If you have a hankering for twinkies, check out hostess snack cake sushi or look at these stunning sushi cupcakes on Flickr by Debbie Does Cakes.

17. Beer Bottle Cake for Beer Geeks


Debbie Does  Cakes is the master behind this cool Beer bottle cake too. What can she NOT do?

Update: I had to blur the bottle because I was told it was using a trademark even though I did not make the cake. Still it’s an amazing cake.

18. Yoda Cake for Star Wars Geeks

Defies gravity, this Yoda Cake Does… yes… hmm?

19. Nintendo Cake [source Geek Cake blog]


The cake is yellow, the controller is two Hershey bars with nougat between them, connected to the cake by black licorice, and the whole thing is that hard-sugar frosting.

20. Lego Cupcakes

These Lego cupcakes are made by another Flickr baking super star Hello Naomi.  I love playing with Legos!

21. Black Berry Cake

Crack Berry anyone? Check out the detail on the screen and the perfect buttons. Amazing work by Debbie Does Cakes.

22. Back to the Future Geeks : The Delorean Cake

Can i haz this cake pleze? Who doesn’t LOVE “Back to the Future”?

23. Optimus Prime Cake [source: here]

Transformer’s aren’t just for little kids anymore the one above was commissioned by a girl for her boyfriend’s 30th birthday and was The cake was modeled after the Robot Heroes version of Optimus Prime, the one that was released in the first wave of these toys.  Check out this step-by-step set on Flickr that show you how to make your own Optimus Prime cake.

24. Raving Rabid Cake


Raving Rabbids happens to be one of my favorite games on the Wii.  Found this cake on Flickr.

25. Gutiar Hero II Cake

I have yet to play Gutiar Hero but my guess is that I would be horrible at it because I have a really bad ear for making music. I tried playing the violin in grade school and was always in the last chair. Anyway, if you want to make your own Guitar Hero Cake, check out this detailed tutorial.

26. Mac Mini Cake


This cake was made for boy’s 15th birthday. (via here)

Update: This makes it 27 cakes.

27. FWA Cake (via @fwa)


The above sure could make for a good FWA wallpaper inspiration. Time to get the PhotoShop skills working.

Phew, that was quite a list! Do you know of any more? Please do share!!!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ho-fatto-la-torta/14 marcella marraro

    Dear Madame, i’ve shared your incredible creation in my page, dedicated to cakes…
    you cakes are really fantastic!!!! GOOD!!!

  • Stephanie E

    Hey, whats up my brithday is on halloween and i love the cell phone cake.

  • http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=167285966621 Erica B

    Hi There,

    I just started up a custom cake business and thought I would send you a picture of a Mario Montage cake that I did for a friend of mine’s birthday. I specialize in silly and geeky cakes so you will definitely be seeing more. There will be a Tetris and Space Invaders cake in the pipes for this year. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=167285966621005&v=photos#!/photo.php?fbid=1554738921374&set=t.167285966621005

    Thank you


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  • viv

    really like the lego cake. I was a lego freak when I was young. cute.

  • carrie

    hi… been making cakes for a year now…and im inspired by ur 3 tier but rather big tiered super marion cake.. wouldn’t know were to start when it coms to structure! jus wondered if u could give me any info on structure support? many thanx carrie.

  • http://www.zurmat.com Habibies

    WoW Super i Have no Words for these cakes its so Yummmyyyyyyyyyy :P



    SO SAD… :(

    • http://facebook.com Lewis

      those are amazing so much effort must of been put into then
      the laptop on is awesomee!! :0

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  • http://www.myspace.com/bellacake/photos Christal

    These cakes are really awesome TOO! I especially like the Hamburger with Extra Pickles and the Twilight Breaking Dawn Book. YUMMY! Check them out.


  • http://festideer.festogfarver.net Thomas Pedersen

    Wow, these are amazing. It would be so cool to get the receipes.

  • http://www.freearticlesmix.com articles

    I like the birthday cake laptop :)

  • http://cupadeecakes.blogspot.com Chad

    What great looking cakes! We did a DeLorean cake this weekend for a friend, thought I would share since you mentioned your love for the other Back to the Future Cake.


  • http://www.bebo.com/Frankie_Babii_09 Frankie

    Well i was just passing by and saw how amazing these cakes are !!!! bet they took you ages to make!! i love them all especially how life like you made them !!!! i will have to get one soon :D , keep up the good work !!! hope to see more :D ,
    nuff love xx

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    That’s really a fantastic post ! i added to my favorite blogs list..

  • http://www.fashdesigns.com shweta

    hey lovely ideas….m feelng hungry…verrrrryyyyyyyyyy niceeeeeeeee

  • Jae

    Wowie!! These are awesome. Be sure and check this one out too, someone made the cake from Portal. Not only that, it was, in fact, “a lie”, because underneath was a real cake featuring Rick Astley! The partygoers got rickrolled… by a cake.


  • http://www.micoideas.com claudia

    ITS AWESOME! Congrats

  • http://www.medizina.de Daniel

    Lol Awesome.. Sent your URL to like 10 people :)

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  • Vicky

    Ah missed this….perfect for flat mate’s birthday. Still always next year!

    Brilliant love the cakes!

  • Lacey

    Those cakes are amazing. How would u make those?????? WOW

  • cara lee bailey

    how do you make your cakes
    please tell me how to make the dragen it is so cool

    hope you wright back to me

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  • Shaelyn-Mrs. Spock

    psh. lame, any geek knows that macs and apple products suck.

    and I feel that this list was seriously lacking Star Trek. I feel left out. haha