Select artworks – currently exploring a variety of styles.

Art pulses with life as I explore a variety of styles and techniques. Below are original hand-made artworks — all are acrylic on canvas unless noted. Tap to see more details.

Painting of a woman with sunglasses, her head tilted upwards, immersed in vibrant blue water with fluffy white clouds reflecting on the surface.An intricately patterned bird with a striking blue eye and orange beak stands amidst vibrant flowers against a deep black backdrop, creating an aura of mystique and color.Painting of Mickey Mouse with a heart in the background. Heavily stylized.Two green birds on a metallic gold background with floral elements. Painting of a mysterious spotted dog with large ears, standing amidst tall grass and colorful flowers against a light background.An acrylic painting of a woman in bold colors and geometric forms.Abstract portrayal of a serene woman with vibrant, geometric colors. Bold sun-like rays emanate behind her, juxtaposed with dynamic angles and contrasting shades.An acrylic painting of a dark grey horse in canyons. Moose standing by a serene lake surrounded by pine trees, its reflection mirrored in the calm waters beneath a pastel sky.A painting of a girl with pink and yellow hair holding a striped ice cream on a stick. Pink and blue striped shirt.A colorful painting of a girl with pink hair holding and ice cream pop. Cowboy silhouette against a radiant yellow backdrop, surrounded by vibrant tropical plants and flowers on a textured canvas.Artwork of a girl with pastel pink hair and a satin bow, holding a plush teddy bear, set against a geometric colored backdrop.Digital painting of a young woman with flowing pale blonde hair, embellished with a unique lilac seashell ornament. Her large, expressive blue eyes are complemented by a hint of rosy freckles. She wears a delicate blue blouse adorned with vibrant floral embroidery and a singular deep red pendant. The background is painted in harmonious shades of teal.painting of a young woman with luminous pale blonde hair arranged in intricate buns and braids, adorned with teal ribbons. She has captivating green eyes and is wearing a rustic brown blouse with star patterns. The backdrop is a rich shade of tealColorful, abstract portrait of a figure reminiscent of Captain Kirk from Star Trek, with vibrant streaks and patterns against a pink and teal background.Painting of a woman with a yellow headband, and black hair, green background, floral elements and fruit. a thoughtful young woman with striking blue eyes and raven-black curly hair. She is framed by a radiant golden halo, set against a moody backdrop of whimsical trees laden with multi-colored orbs. A delicate white flower is nestled in her hair, providing a serene contrast to her dark attire. Her pale collar, speckled with gold, mirrors the luminance of her halo, creating a harmonious balance in this mesmerizing artwork.
A striking painting of a poised young woman with jet-black hair, surrounded by a rich tapestry of blossoms and leaves. Her eyes, a shade of enchanting green, harmoniously match the verdant backdrop. The intricately patterned dress she adorns is filled with colorful floral motifs, merging her seamlessly into the garden scene. Prominent among the flora are large, lush pink roses, echoing the soft hue of her lips. The artwork captures an intimate blend of nature and femininity, offering a serene yet powerful portrayalStylized painting of Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz holding a small dog.Stylized painting of the Tin Man on red background.Painting of a Lion wearing a crown and holding a heart.Painting of a girl with long black hair inside a heart. Flowers around it.A graphic poster design that read "Redesign the web (cross through) World.Abstract painting featuring bold geometric shapes, a dual-faced figure in vibrant shades of blue and orange, and an array of colorful circles and patterns against a light background.A poster design of a machine that says "Redesign the Web, Redesign the World."

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