AI Film Experiment: A Little Halloween Magic

I enjoy tinkering with creative side projects on the weekend. Check out this short video I made with the help of #ChatGPT, Midjourney and Runway.

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4 min
Published on
Oct 21, 2023

Made this short video with the help of #ChatGPT, #Midjourney, #Runway and #AdobeRush

A little Halloween Magic is in the air.🎃 🍂  

In a village where the autumn winds do blow,  
A tale of Halloween is set to grow.  
From cobblestone streets to the old town square,  
You'll find that magic's hanging in the air.

Little monsters gather, their faces all aglow,  
Wearing costumes stitched from folklore we all know.  
Vampires, witches, superheroes, too,  
A parade of fables, a fantastical zoo.  

Skeletons jitter, zombies moan and groan,  
A symphony of spookiness in every twilight tone.  
Pumpkin lanterns flicker, casting tales on walls,  
As kids debate whose costume truly enthralls.

But let's not forget the homes, dressed up in disguise,  
Grim facades and spider webs, a feast for eager eyes.  
The homeowners await, a bowl of treats in hand,  
To satiate the marching, costumed band.

Yet Halloween’s not just about the sweets we gain,  
It's the thrill of the unknown, dancing in the brain.  
Haunted houses, corn mazes, the crisp autumn air,  
A chance to be someone else, if only you dare.

So as the clock ticks closer to the midnight hour,  
Know that Halloween’s spell has a timeless power.  
For it teaches us that sometimes it’s okay,  
To be something different, for just one day.

And when the night is over, and dawn’s light is near,  
We pack away the costumes but keep the cheer.  
For in each little scare, a lesson can be found—  
That life’s richer with some magic around.