Adobe Max 2023 Recap

🌟 The narrative that unfolded at #AdobeMax2023 was less about tools and more about the evolving tapestry of human potential. Check out my 9 key takeaways.

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Aug 26, 2023

🌟 The narrative that unfolded at #AdobeMax2023 was less about tools and more about the evolving tapestry of human potential.

Here are my reflections:

1. AI ≠ Humans: While AI offers remarkable tools to refine and amplify our processes, it’s evident that the true depth, essence, and visionary spark remain uniquely human. Technology is not a substitute for our creativity; rather, it’s a conduit to elevate our innate abilities. Together, we are unstoppable.

2. Design REALLY Matters: Organizations MUST understand that it's not just about having the best tools, but about giving designers the FREEDOM to explore, experiment, and express. As the #GenAI realm grows, it will be the pioneers of creativity, those who push beyond conventional boundaries, who will shape the future.

3. “Non-Figureheads” Deserve a Spotlight: Listening to the architects of innovation at #AdobeMaxSneaks, it’s evident that there's immense dedication behind every feature we eventually casually use. Their passion is a testament to Adobe’s commitment to pioneering creativity.

4. True Creativity is Human: Eran Stern’s session on Type and Motion underscored this sentiment beautifully, illustrating how tools like Adobe’s Firefly Text Effects can be used not just for a static asset, but for true artistic expression. (If you haven’t seen his work, I highly recommend you do.)

5. The 3D Evolution is near: The inclusion of 3D in tools like Illustrator and Photoshop speaks to blurring of the lines of creative silos. It's a testament to how digital art is constantly redefining its own boundaries6. Any Surface can be a Canvas: #ProjectPrimrose was jaw dropping!!! Turning garments into canvases for dynamic creativity was nothing short of revolutionary. It’s not just about fashion; it’s about reimagining how we perceive everyday objects.

7. Image Innovations will continue to move FAST: #ProjectStardust and #ProjectSeeThrough are setting new benchmarks in photo editing capabilities.

8. Video Breakthroughs: With tools like #ProjectFastFill, #ProjectDubDubDub, and #ProjectResUp, the horizon of video content creation and editing is expanding exponentially.

9. 3D and Design: Projects like #Poseable, #Neo, and the breathtaking #Primrose are not just advancements but revolutions in how we perceive and work with design.In closing, Adobe Max 2023 reminded me that technology, no matter how advanced, is just a canvas. The true masterpiece emerges when human vision breathes life into it.Human-led design and creativity will ALWAYS matter. 🙌❤️🔥