Beyond Aesthetics: How Design Shapes the Future of Business

How does your org treat design? As a core strategic pillar -- or just as an nice-to-have?

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1 min
Published on
Aug 26, 2023

Design helps companies see around corners of tomorrow. It allows us to test ideas before we push code to the cloud. Design helps use move beyond words on a page, but truly brings an idea to life so that all stakeholders have the same vision.

In some orgs, design is often seen as the aesthetic finishing touch, the dollop of whipped cream atop an already baked pie. This perception leads to a critical misunderstanding, wherein design becomes a secondary consideration, tacked on after all the ‘serious’ business decisions have been made.

But what if we’ve got it all wrong? What if design isn’t the whipped cream, but the recipe itself? As business leaders, we must recognize the powerful symbiosis between the two. If your organization’s design and strategy aren’t already intimately linked, you’re not just missing out on the whipped cream—you might be neglecting the ingredients that make up your entire pie.